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73Foster is an affordable housing development designed with families and people with disabilities in mind. Community Vision, a local organization that advocates for people with disabilities, has partnered with 73Foster to connect people to appropriate, safe housing. In support of this, the Holst team went above and beyond accessibility code, considering residents of all abilities, including people who are low vision, hard of hearing, have limited mobility, or are neurodivergent. The building contains 64 affordable units, 22 Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) units, and more than double the required amount of Type A units, which include ample space for turning radiuses, lower shelving, lever-type door hardware, as well as lower kitchen workstations and lavatories.

Design choices throughout the building help shape an equitable, welcoming environment for all users, with an emphasis on views to nature, natural light, and acoustic mitigation. Trauma-informed design principles led to a cool-toned color palette of blues, greens, and grays, as well as a focus on providing natural light throughout. Wide corridors and enhanced ADA clearances, ramp access on the main level, as well as a centralized elevator and stair core ensure ease of access.

The lobby includes a lounge with seating areas and resident mailboxes while an on-site staff office provides resident services.

The team created a universal wayfinding strategy, incorporating elements of contrast, color, texture, and change in ceiling heights to delineate spaces and zones. Blue indicates public amenities, green marks semi-private zones, and gray highlights staff access, while the central mural specifies vertical circulation.

Each space has various seating options and configurations in contrasting colors, with carpet signaling locations with loose furniture, so that low vision users will know to be cautious. Special consideration was given to making public amenities visible, which gives residents the option to assess the space and its activity level before entering.

73Foster’s community room serves as a flex space for a variety of events and provides a full, accessible kitchen. Each level of the building has a dedicated laundry room, bike room, and trash room.

Intended as ‘sister buildings’, 72Foster and 73Foster are located down the street from one another, each flanking the popular Portland Mercado. To visibly connect 73Foster with 72Foster and the Mercado, 73Foster’s entry and community room location were specifically chosen to create an open pedestrian environment that gives access to all three spaces. Both buildings are a similar height, and materials on the exterior were chosen to create a cohesive character on the street. 73Foster’s main entrance contrasts the rest of the building, making it easier to identify, which not only supports the disabled community, but is also a nod to the entrance and breezeway at 72Foster.


REACH Community Development


Portland, OR


Expected 2025


56,915 sq. ft.
64 units

Targeted Certifications

Earth Advantage
Kelsey Standards – Pilot Project