The Nick Fish

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A joint development effort among Human Solutions, Edlen & Company, and Prosper Portland, The Nick Fish aims to capitalize on the potential of Portland’s Gateway Urban Renewal Area with a new standard for quality affordable housing. Its mixed-use program combines one bedroom, two bedroom, and studio apartments with office space for Human Solutions, ground floor retail, tenant amenities, and parking to create a vibrant community adjacent to the new Gateway Discovery Park. To support equity in the community, the fifty two affordable and twenty three market rate units are interspersed and designed to the same level of finish.

Refined in collaboration with the community, the design separates residential and commercial space into two distinct volumes offset from a one-story podium. The taller six-story mass along the park houses the seventy-five apartment units. A two-story office and retail volume lines Halsey Street. The positioning of the taller volume along the park minimizes visible bulk, fits better into its currently low-rise context, and enhances park security.

A pattern of silver metal panels and shimmering dark brick acts as a visual marker to the Gateway district and simulates movement across the southern, park-facing façade. The rain screen system’s color palette presents a neutral backdrop for the changing colors of the new park’s vegetation.

A distinct, bold silver panel treatment at the plaza and west end create a sense of arrival; mostly brick façade with wood accents creates a warm, pedestrian-friendly experience along Halsey.

From Halsey Street, a separate lobby with connecting stair leads to the Human Solutions offices. Exposed heavy timber beams span a mix of open office and glass-fronted interior private offices for fifty employees working to support Oregon’s homeless and low-income families.

For the residential tenants, a ground floor lounge with kitchenette provides space for formal and informal gatherings, including Human Solutions-sponsored classes.

The Nick Fish targets LEED Multifamily Midrise Gold certification with energy efficiency as a priority. A high efficiency mechanical system delivers fresh air to each unit. Other features include an airtight building envelope, an extensive green roof, low-VOC finishes, and LED lighting. A City of Portland “% for Green” grant will supply green street improvements along Halsey.