Disabled Joy

Disabled Joy

8 Ways to Design for Disabled Joy

View the 8 Ways to Design for Disabled Joy presentation here.

What does it mean to make spaces that go beyond basic access? Check out the one hour webinar above presented by Inclusive Design Facilitator Hannah Silver and Designer Monse Fonseca. View the webinar’s slides, slide descriptions, and a full transcript here.

We have collected a ton of additional resources about designing for disabled joy. View the “cheat sheet” of resources here.

Do you have more resources to share or want to connect with us about designing for disabled joy? Reach out to Hannah and Monse here.

The Assistive Technology Lab at Community Vision was instrumental in developing this education! Please consider donating to Community Vision to support their programs.

Design Museum's Inclusive Design issue

Holst was thrilled that our Inclusive Design Facilitator Hannah Silver had the opportunity to contribute to Design Museum's Inclusive Design issue. The magazine includes articles that explore the diversity of the human experience and emphasize the importance of inclusive design. Both designers and nondesigners can learn about how to make the world around them a more inclusive place to be. Order Design Museum’s Inclusive Design Issue here.

Hannah’s piece in the magazine, How Can We Design for Disabled Joy?, explores 8 Ways to Design for Disabled Joy. It also includes a scavenger hunt to see what inclusive design you can spot in your neighborhood. It is a great way to become more aware of the ways our world is designed (or not designed) to be inclusive. Read Hannah’s full article and check out the scavenger here.

Deaf-friendly curved seating makes signing easier.

Fat-Friendly Design

We hope that Hannah’s article sparked your interest in inclusive design topics. To continue your education, start by learning about Fat-Friendly Design. Being plus size is not considered a disability, but body size can greatly increase the barriers people might face in built spaces. The Fat-Friendly Design workshop is available online and explores best practices for creating spaces that are welcoming to plus size folks.

Learn some basics about Fat-Friendly Design here.

You can take the Fat-Friendly Design course for FREE here.

You can take the Fat-Friendly Design course for AIA credit here.

Learn about new laws protecting people from discrimination based on body size here.

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