Sunrose Condominiums

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Located on a main artery in the Portland's Southeast District, expressive patterns, subtle detailing, and rich materials establish the Sunrose Condominiums as the anchoring mechanism at the busy intersection of SE 28th and Burnside.

Contrasting facade

The exterior is clad in a combination of stucco and black-stained cedar. Aluminum panels are inset in the large window openings. Stucco boxes form the balconies and visually break up the large building mass.

Sunrose Condominiums

Fine detailing

From cabinetry to carpeting, each unit showcases high attention to details.

Inside, the unique floor plate is rotated 90 degrees to give each of the 32 residential units significantly more window space, natural light, and views.

A second-story internal courtyard provides natural light to the units that abut neighboring developments, and parking spaces, bike racks, and storage units are also available to residents.


Wong Family, LLC


Portland, OR




64,000 sq. ft.
32 units