Portland City Hall Renovation

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In November 2022, Portlanders voted to approve Ballot Measure 26-228, which will change the structure of the City Council from four commissioners and a mayor to twelve city councilors on January 1st, 2025. To accommodate the change in governmental structure, Holst is working with the City of Portland to re-envision Portland City Hall for the future administration.

Upgrades will include renovations to the ground floor to provide additional space for conferencing; new all-user restrooms, copy and break rooms on the second floor; security improvements; reorganizing existing office suites to accommodate more elected officials; as well as lighting, audio/visual improvements throughout. The renovation thoughtfully integrates modern technologies into the historic City Hall, ensuring it will suit the evolving needs of future administrations.

The entry will be updated to take into account modern safety concerns, while taking care to ensure that wayfinding is intuitive to users. The new design will respect the existing historic architecture and create a more welcoming entrance to the Chambers.

The Chambers will be expanded into the anteroom space in the lobby. The main focal point will be the new large circular dais. This structure accommodates the expanded City Council and creates a space that will give everyone an equal seat at the table. It is intended to create a welcoming and inclusive place to have more equitable discussions.

Constructed of beautiful but durable material fit for a civic space, the design of the dais is inspired by the overlapping petals of a rose.


City of Portland


Portland, OR


Expected January 2025


25,187 sq. ft.