MHAAO Recovery Campus

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The Mental Health & Addiction Association of Oregon (MHAAO) is a community based nonprofit organization that supports the recovery goals of individuals, including entering treatment, securing housing, or finding employment. The project is a renovation to an existing medical office building and will now serve as the MHAAO Headquarters & Recovery Campus when completed in Fall 2024. Located in Portland’s Lents neighborhood, the project will provide valuable resources to the historically underserved community.

The lobby will serve as a point of convergence for staff, peers, and community members. The reception desk anchors the space, directing flow to the recovery center and the office headquarters.

MHAAO will provide peer services, training, and technical assistance to users at the Recovery Campus. Designed through a trauma-informed lens, there will be a day center, triage room, wellness room, peer support space, and additional flexible spaces to meet the evolving needs of the growing organization. Situated under double-height windows, the walk-in lounge acts as a transition zone into more intimate interior spaces. The office includes a wellness room designed by KultureCity, a nonprofit dedicated to creating accessible sensory spaces.

“Recovery for individuals with mental health and addiction challenges as well as the east Portland community is at the top of our agenda. The Recovery Campus will have a huge impact on both the lives of people and the livelihood of this community.” -Janie Gullickson, MHAAO Executive Director

Local materials like Douglas Fir and cedar tones were used as grounding elements to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, deviating from the typical clinical feel often found in support service spaces. Layered spaces, multiple access points, and acoustical treatments and surfaces throughout all contribute to an inclusive environment.


Mental Health & Addiction Association of Oregon (MHAAO)


Portland, OR


Anticipated Fall 2024


10,105 sq. ft.