Hotel Eastlund

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Hotel Eastlund

The Hotel Eastlund renovation was an opportunity to holistically rethink space in community and cultural contexts.

Our job was to reimagine the building within the prescribed, rigid structure of the old Cosmopolitan Motor Hotel, to celebrate its origins and make it the new centerpiece of the reemerging Lloyd Center neighborhood.

History Reimagined

Custom window treatment abstracted from an early aerial photo of the hotel’s original construction connects rooms to the building’s storied past.

Hotel Eastlund

Floor to Ceiling

Every room was made a lookout to the city, offering near-panoramic views of Mt. Hood, the Rose Quarter and downtown Portland.

On the exterior we were inspired and challenged by its motorist history, and the ground-level pedestrian experience was remade to be welcoming and accessible. What was once a driveway is now an expansive entry and lobby, with new pedestrian walkways and a retail space. The previously exposed parking level is now thoughtfully screened in with woven steel wire, built-in planters, trellises and greenery.

Working in conjunction with the exterior remodel, the interior space is an entirely new boutique experience in every detail. We prioritized the guest experience and overcame room size restrictions by energizing the space with unique features. Custom curtains abstracted from a photo of the hotel’s first days give every room an artistic focal point. Corner rooms were combined to make spacious suites, and all rooms were finished with floor-to-ceiling windows that maximize a spacious feeling by looking out to the Portland skyline.

A spacious, open lobby welcomes guests to unwind, work or visit Citizen Baker, an artisan bakery, cafe and wine bar run by an award-winning Northwest chef. In addition, guests can enjoy world-class dining at the rooftop restaurant, Altabira City Tavern, which boasts a massive patio complete with wind breaks and fire pits.

The first destination location on Portland’s Eastside, Hotel Eastlund provides over 5,000 square feet of functional space for meetings, events and conferences, all with floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views. Urbanizing the dated parking structure enables the hotel to now interact with the neighborhood, connecting locals and travelers to a re-emerging cultural vibrance.

This project integrated our disciplines cohesively across categories, including hospitality, restaurant, interior design and retail. The result is a new landmark, a destination where there wasn’t one already. The first boutique hotel in downtown Portland’s Eastside, it honors a client’s bold vision while helping to shape the neighborhood evolution.

Cosmopolitan Motor Hotel

Dating back to 1962, the original hotel postcard provided design inspiration for the new boutique’s color palette.


Days from start of construction to opening day.


Square feet of ballroom space and rooftop deck overlooking Portland’s downtown skyline.


Lineal feet of ground floor windows added to street-level elevations.


Grand Ventures Hotel LLC


Portland, OR




126,000 sq. ft.


2016 Daily Journal of Commerce Top Projects, 3rd Place in Renovation Category