Home Forward Towers

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As part of Home Forward's plan to upgrade several of their affordable housing towers, Holst upgraded four existing buildings—Sellwood Center, Gallagher Plaza, Northwest Tower, and Medallion Apartments.

All located in dense residential Portland neighborhoods, were overdue for structural and building envelope upgrades. The renovations improve the efficiency, decrease operating expenses, and extend the life of the towers. With a majority of the residents being elderly or disabled, the lack of ventilation in living spaces was a devastating issue. Upgrades to the aging HVAC systems and openings contribute to the health and wellbeing of the residents.

A carefully implemented combination of aesthetic, functional, and systems upgrades, as well as a collaborative team approach, meet the projects' goals of livability, fiscal responsibility, extension of the building’s operable life, operational sustainability, and economic equity.

Each of the four buildings have remained occupied during construction to keep the residents’ communities intact.

Enhanced entries, increased glazing, and revitalized vegetation restore the pedestrian experience.

The reskinned structures provide a more beautiful aesthetic for the surrounding community and the residents.

Medallion’s new indoor/outdoor community room will become a place for residents to gather for services, cooking classes, and informal events.

Upgrades to Medallion’s open corridors include new painted steel railings with welded wire mesh, wood details, and new doors and sconces.