Home Forward Renovations

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Holst has designed and managed five building renovations as part of Home Forward’s effort to preserve and restore Portland’s public housing stock. A carefully implemented combination of functional and systems upgrades have extended the lifespan of each building, improved livability and operations, while enhanced entries, increased glazing, and revitalized landscaping restore the pedestrian experience for the residents and surrounding community. Each of the five buildings have remained occupied during construction to keep the residents’ communities intact.

Gallagher Plaza

Design goals for Gallagher Plaza included improving air quality, efficiency, durability, and the health and safety of residents. We replaced a failing synthetic stucco exterior with fiber-reinforced concrete planks, installed new energy-efficient windows, and equipped the roof with a heat recovery ventilator. Other renovation features include a new entrance plaza, sidewalk improvements, accessibility upgrades, and efficient LED lighting.

Home Forward Renovations

Sellwood Center

At Sellwood Center, we replaced the HVAC systems, windows, and building envelope with high-efficiency models, extending the life of the building by an estimated 50 years. New green roofs and bio-swale planters manage onsite stormwater. The interior received new insulation, heat recovery ventilation, a solar hot water system, and LED lighting.

Home Forward Renovations

Northwest Tower

Northwest Tower, a 13-story apartment building, needed renovations to improve air quality, a replacement HVAC system, and a new elevator. Our design also focused on accessibility upgrades including new parking for cars and bikes, sidewalk repairs, and improved circulation paths.

Home Forward Renovations

Medallion Apartments

The Medallion Apartments required substantial upgrades to extend the life of the building. We added new exterior cladding on top of the existing CMU-block walls, replaced the roof and windows, and updated the HVAC system. We also took the opportunity to reconfigure ground-floor spaces, moving the community room to the primary corner of the building and adding a plaza with raised garden boxes for residents.

Home Forward Renovations

Grace Peck Terrace

Grace Peck Terrace is a 6-story, 95-unit apartment building in the Irvington Historic Neighborhood that serves low-income elderly people and people with disabilities. The new façade design retains existing balconies and includes upgrades to residential units, community space, building entries, and adds multiple new outdoor terrace spaces for residents. The design prioritizes the specific needs of this population as well as Home Forward’s long-term maintenance goals to create a durable and enriching environment that also fits into the context of the historic neighborhood.


Home Forward


Portland, OR


Gallagher Plaza: 2016
Sellwood Center: 2016
Northwest Tower: 2016
Medallion Apartments: 2020
Grace Peck Terrace: Expected 2024


Gallagher Plaza:
66,000 sq. ft.
Sellwood Center:
72,741 sq. ft.
Northwest Tower:
107,000 sq. ft.
Medallion Apartments:
54,200 sq. ft.
Grace Peck Terrace:
71,170 sq. ft.