Boltwood Place

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Holst was sought out by Archipelago to design an infill housing project within the historic vernacular of Amherst, Massachusetts. Boltwood’s complementary exterior palette of white clapboard and cedar siding is a nod to the college town’s saltboxes, and the building scale and proportions are appropriate for its context. The articulation of modern details such as clean lines and minimal detailing are a fresh take on the traditional New England aesthetic. The five-story structure features 12 loft-style apartments with office|retail spaces on the ground floor.

Located on a 5,000 sq. ft. site behind a popular restaurant in downtown, the building’s south side is nearly transparent, offering spectacular views of the town. The five-story structure features 12 loft-style apartments with office/retail spaces on the ground floor. A minimal building framework establishes structural order while allowing interiors to be open and free-flowing.

Vernacular surroundings

The structural order of the exterior nestles Boltwood comfortably into its surrounding context.

Boltwood Place

Beauty through simplicity

The clean interior detailing is softened by wood finishes and white oak flooring.

The simple, clean detailing inside is congruent with the structural order though softened significantly by wood finishes, custom cabinetry, and white oak flooring. Large windows allow natural light to brighten interiors. Achieving LEED Silver, the building features highly efficient systems and recycled, locally sourced, and nontoxic materials throughout.

Holst was the Design Architect for this project in conjunction with DiMella Shaffer as the Architect-of-Record.


Archipelago Investments


Amherst, MA




18,300 sq. ft.
12 units