Work for Art

Work for Art

On November 15th, Holst hosted a silent art auction in our office to benefit Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC), a local non-profit organization that makes the arts more accessible. With over 50 attendees, we raised over $3,000 for this noteworthy organization.

Arts advocacy is a cause near and dear to Holst; many of our employees have creative pursuits outside of the office and were excited to support RACC and the many services they provide. The pieces auctioned off were all done by Holsters and their families, resulting in a wide variety of art including photography, prints, paintings, weavings, and woodworking. We were excited to show off the tremendous artistic talent of our staff and are delighted these pieces will enjoy new homes with the proceeds contributing to our local art community.

These pieces by designer Sarah Vaz are part of a series of silkscreened prints inspired by the folkloric costume portraits of Charles Fréger and by the movement and composition of late baroque mythological and religious allegorical landscapes. In her prints, a narrative is inferred via the composition of the relationships between characters. Sarah’s art is influenced by her own narrative, but she prefers to hear the stories that viewers read into her works.This photographic series by designer André Vilhena explores the interplay of light, shadow, and the built form. From afar the images appear as a repetitive visual field; on closer inspection, familiar architectural elements come into focus and your perception shifts. André looks to photograph buildings with repetitive facades, crop in on a patterned composition, and filter out color so that only light and shadow are visible. Through this process, even the most banal buildings can become a work of art.

About RACC

The Regional Arts and Culture Council serves artists, arts organizations, schools and residents throughout the tri-county region. They provide services in five key areas:

  • Advocacy – building support for a strong arts and culture community.
  • Grants – providing artists and arts organizations with financial support
  • Public Art Program – integrating a wide range of art in public places; managing Percent for Art programs for the City of Portland and Multnomah county
  • Community Services – providing workshops for artists, organizational consulting, and a variety of printed and electronic resources
  • Arts Education – funding artists residencies in schools and working on a comprehensive solution to provide integrated arts education learning for every student in the region.

You can learn more about all the great work RACC does by clicking here.

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