Sustainability Action Plan

Sustainability Action Plan

Holst is excited to announce that, as of 2017, we have signed on to Architecture 2030’s 2030 Challenge. As part of the 2030 Challenge, we commit to meeting aggressive energy reduction targets for all of our buildings moving forward—culminating in designing projects with net zero energy use and carbon neutrality by the year 2030. Our commitment to the 2030 Challenge is the latest expression of our ongoing dedication to environmentally and socially responsible design.

As part of our 2030 commitment, we are sharing our Sustainability Action Plan, an outline of the strategies and processes that will help us rise to the Challenge. Created by our Sustainability Director and Green Team for implementation by the whole office, the plan addresses every aspect of our practice including our design process, office operations, and outreach efforts.

Read our Sustainability Action Plan.

The foundation of the Holst Sustainability Action Plan is our commitment to environmental responsibility, equity, and social justice:

Holst Architecture recognizes that architects must be stewards of the environment.

We believe that architects everywhere have a moral responsibility to ensure that our work does not negatively impact ecosystems; architecture should not contribute to anthropogenic climate change.

Holst Architecture believes that architects have a duty to create healthy buildings.

The built environment must allow all people to thrive by providing stimulating spaces that encourage positive social interaction, allow connection to nature, and provide clean air, pleasant acoustics, and appropriate daylighting.

Holst Architecture designs buildings to be durable and resilient.

The most sustainable buildings are those built to last. We should be able to rely on our buildings to provide shelter during periods of hardship due to bad weather, seismic activity, fire, flooding, drought, and other causes.

Holst Architecture recognizes the imperatives of equity and social justice.

We believe that good design is for everyone and that the strongest and most resilient communities are those that are just. We are committed to ensuring diversity, inclusiveness, and fair treatment for all in our workplace and our communities. We will not tolerate discrimination.

Holst Architecture commits to sharing knowledge and lessons learned from our work.

As architects committed to being in the vanguard of our industry, we recognize that we are building upon the expertise of those who came before us. We have benefited from the knowledge of our predecessors, so we must disseminate the lessons we learn to help others create more healthy, resilient, and sustainable buildings.

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