Holst Staff Summer 2017 Retreat

Holst Staff Summer 2017 Retreat

Consistent hot, sunny days suggest it’s that time of year – time for the annual Holst Staff Retreat!

This year’s retreat was held at the historic McMenimans Edgefield on July 11th. Beautiful blue skies created the perfect backdrop for a rewarding day of team bonding, productive discussions, and all-around fun.

We kicked off the morning meeting with an entertaining (and enlightening) game of Co-Worker Jeopardy. Hidden talents, awkward middle school photos, and embarrassing work stories were revealed, all in good fun. Who knew we had a state-level marimba champion amongst us?

This was followed by presentations from the partners and a candid discussion with the team about the future of Holst. Inspiring and engaging, the discussions revealed our strengths and our opportunities. This exciting conversation continued through lunch to determine the items that we can affect with the greatest ease, resulting in the highest impact for all.

While this conversation could have continued all day, we had a tee time to make. The afternoon was spent on the golf course strengthening bonds and driving healthy competition. When the sun got to be too much, the team retreated to the resort’s game room for more fun and shenanigans.

This year’s retreat was no exception to what brings us together every day – productive, inspiring work and a whole lot of fun times.

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