Holst Employee Show: Ctrl X Ctrl V

Holst Employee Show: Ctrl X Ctrl V

As a result of our recent rebranding effort, we had boxes of outdated business cards with the former logo. Instead of discarding them, Holst employees created mixed media works using the remainder of the old business cards.

Alex Palmer | Identity Crises

Andrew Littleton | Untitled

Ben Ott | Out with the Old; In with the New

Brittany Shreiner | Fillet Form

Bryce Tolene | Re:portion

Dustin Furseth | ro-lo-dex

Kristin Solomon | Caffeinated

Lauren Sanchez | Labyrinth

Lindsay Carlisle | Graves to Graves

Matthew Rusnac | Untitled

Phil Roberson | Ctrl A Ctrl X

Rachel Brand | Untitled

Sarah Vaz | The Future is Shiny & Chrome

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